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We Are Island Boys!

We are a small group of friends & family, working towards one common goal; To expand and inspire the Arts Scene in Singapore and soon throughout the world.

Started off as what was known to be a 2 man team spearheaded by Izzraimy and Izzadely, it soon turned out to be a full 8 man team creating content throughout he world. In a span of one year, we have created wonders with clients ranging from HondaJet Company, DBS, Hugo Boss, Adidas, Audi and many more.

We appreciate similarities and we accept differences. Each and everyone of us came from different backgrounds and that’s the best part. Tons of stories to tell with countless platform to do so. We want to tell our story.

What Do We Do?

We love ideas! Even better if we bring it to life! From poster designs, 3D Animations, events coverage, music videos to sound productions, we can do it all. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll be happy to source it out for you. Drop us an email, and let’s get crackin!